Windows Media Player 11
by Sharon Wichman

At the last meeting I mentioned something about getting media player to save the ripped music as a mp3 instead of a wma. WMA is a Windows Media Audio file and is the default that media player saves the music files in. But I found the other day that you can get it to save the file in MP3 format. Just follow these directions.

To change it and have media player save the ripped files with a mp3 extension. Open up Windows Media Player. Choose Tools and then Options. Now click on the Rip Music Tab and under the Rip settings section change the drop down box to MP3.

 In the same place you can also tell it how you want the file name, Artist, Album, Song Title, Genre, Track Name, or Bit Rate. Just put a check mark in any of the boxes. I have it put in the Album/song title/artist, note you can move them up or down however you want media player to label the file. You can also tell it where you want the music to save and also change the Audio Quality by moving the slider. 128 kbps (kilabytes per second) is the norm but you can set it to192 kbps but take notice it uses more space.

If you don't see any of this, Click on Help in the top menu, then click on About Media Player, and confirm your version of media player is 11. I also have 11.0.5721.5260. If that's not your version then download the update by clicking on Help & Check on Updates.

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