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   Try to address these point when reviewing products &

                    Please date your review:

1.   Name of product

2.   Date of Product Review

3.   Product Reviewer(s) (please provide a small description of your processor, memory, operating system, etc)

4.   Intention of the product

5.   How did it install (successes and quirks if note

6.   Time it took to install

7.   Likes & dislikes

8.   Strengths & Weaknesses

9.   Basic Requirements for the product to run

10.   Pricing

11.     Any other conclusions on your part

For the newlsetter purposes, try not to exceed two pages in length. Tom Ekvall (editor) has the right to EDIT for space and clarity. Submit all reviews to my email address. I will clean up if necessary and forward to Tom for each months submission. If he runs out of available space, you will probably see it in the next month's addition.

All reviews will submitted to the web editor for use on our web site as well, unless otherwise requested.

Most products arriving come with "Media Packets". Inside, there are the boilerplate that PR always include. Most vendors are NOT looking for a cut and paste their own reviews into our newsletter. Rather, these materials are included to help you get a feel for the product as you commence the review. If you have to "borrow" a paragraph, please be selective and not overdue it.