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*NOTE from editor--I bought the Barnes and Noble Nook Tablet for several reasons.
Barnes and Noble is here in Appleton, WI and if I need anything I can go right to B&N instead of trying to get help from Cyberspace somewhere.
I can go into B&N and read any book in there for 1 hour to see if I like the book and I want to buy it.
With the tablet I can get Apps for the Nook.
I can also watch Netflix or Hulu right from the Nook, The Nook also has a CD card reader in it. The color is so vivid.
They offer 2 different tablets, either a 8GB $199 or a 16GB $249.
And If you would like a less expensive Nook, try the Nook Color for $169.
Comparing the two side by side at www.barnesandnoble.com, there is hardly any difference. Check it out.