Post-it Software notes®

By Sharon Wichman, NEW PCUG president


As I’ve said before, I am so absent-minded that if I don’t write things down right away when I think of it I forget it before I can write it down. The post-its have to be near me or I forget what it was I wanted to write down, whether it was something I needed to do or things I needed to buy or a password. Then I stick them on the refrigerator or my desk or a corkboard. I was swimming in Post-it. They were all over my house. And usually the post-it’s ended up on the floor because the sticky no longer held.


Then one day, after putting my 1001 post-it note® up, I was thinking that 3M, the makers of Post-it notes® should create there own program. I thought, hey maybe they do. So I did a Google search for post-it notes and found a website for them. I searched their website and found that they do indeed make a program called “Post-it Software notes®.”


You can download a 30 day free trial but of course you don’t get all the perks like you would if you paid the $19.99 for the program. Perks like color post-its or minimizing the note on your desktop or creating separate memoboards for each note. Post-it notes software runs on Windows 2000 & XP, so if your computer can run Windows XP it can run this software.  It installed so easy and is so easy to use.



To open a new post-it, just click the small post-it icon in the systray.  Type out your things to do list or things to buy or your password for yet another website, then either minimize it or you can put it on a memoboard.














A memoboard is like filing each post-it note under a tab that you give a specific name to, like “Things to do”, “Groceries”, “Bill’s To Pay”, “Home Improvement”..

















Then, when you want to bring the note back up, you right click on the small post-it icon in the systray in the lower right hand corner; click “show/create memoboards, move the mouse over the memoboard you want and click the post-it you want.















You can customize each note with color, fonts, font size and even stretch the note to the size note you want. If you don’t want to put it on a memoboard you can minimize the note on your desktop to a 1/4" icon. Then double click it to open it up to the original size it was before you minimized it.


There is so much you can do with these notes. It’s fantastic.






<<<<<minimized notes



                    (Note Properties)                       (Maximized note)


Now my life’s a lot easier. No more post-it notes around the house. None falling on the floor and I always know where they are. If I loose one, there is even a Find Note option and a trashcan I can look at if I accidentally threw it away.  And it’s cheaper in the long run. You don’t have to buy post-its at the store. You can also print them out. It’s great.