Desktop Calendar

Review by Sharon Wichman, NEW PCUG president


Every time I needed to look up a date on my computer I brought up the Windows system calendar,  which is not a good idea to use. If you accidentally change the system date to a later date you could really screw up a lot of programs. Programs that need to keep track of the date. One would be your virus program, which would suddenly expire. Most of your programs use the system calendar. More than you know. But you would find out which ones in a fast hurry. And the amount of time it would take to straighten out your programs, if there were many of them, would seem endless.


So I went in search of a Calendar program. I needed one that would be on my desktop but out of the way so I could just bring it up when I wanted it. I found it at It’s exactly what I was looking for. It’s made by Tinnes Software and it can organize your life! You’ll never forget a birthday or anniversary ever again! It’s a simple, easy to use calendar that sits right on your Windows Desktop for quick and direct access to your daily events. You can DOWNLOAD it now and you'll wonder how you ever lived without it! Keep up to date with the latest releases and wallpaper packs.


Desktop Calendar is a highly customizable calendar program that turns your windows desktop into a traditional wall calendar; it can also rotate the background image on a monthly basis [optional].


You can enter important dates like dentist appointments, birthdays or deadlines. Then when you turn your computer on, or that day rolls over you will be alerted of any events.  You can keep it expanded or condense it until you need it. Just move the mouse over it and it expands. You can colorize it to any color the computers has.







Desktop Calendar Expanded                                                   Desktop Calendar Condensed

Befitting its name, they have built a very easy to grasp, ‘straight-to-the-point’ program with which to organize your life. The calendar itself can be as bold or as discreet on your desktop as you see fit, and due to its sleek, straightforward design doesn't take up much of your systems resources.”

“Desktop Calendar started out as freeware and that version remains free to download to this day, largely thanks to the generous donations of a huge, very satisfied user base. The latest version of Desktop Calendar however is a $14.99 update for the freeware version, and brings with it a overabundance of new and valuable possibilities
,” says the makers of Desktop Calendar.  And I think it is well worth the price.