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Nan websites for Windows 10 settings
11-19-16 presentation

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2 xls files from Nan's Search presentation

NOTE: These 2 files are Exel files and will need to be opened using a spreadsheet program as Microsoft Exel or OpenOffice etc.
If you don't have one of those type of programs you will need to download one, but try opening it up first to see if your pc can display the file.

Optimizing Programs Website 8-18-16 

PC Chips  3-17-16

Windows 10 document-9-17-2015  .doc file*

Ubuntu Links-9-17-2015   .doc file*
2 links from September presentation on Windows 10

PC Mover Express
Microsoft offers PCMover Express for free to help transfer old PC files to Windows 10 | Windows Central

OCR Document Scanning and Editing Programs
links from May's presentation

Nan's links for Ccleaner

Nan's security link's from January 2015 meeting

Nan's Utilities
Portable Utilities from 9-18-2014 meeting

Links for Online Movies, Tv & Radio
Doc file from 6-19-2014 meeting

Recovery Freeware

Cheat sheet Links
pdf file

Virus Info

Good Computer Habits

*NOTE: Please tell me if you can't open doc files and I will start changing them to pdf.  But mostly I think everyone now can open a doc file.
If not, download Open Office, it's free.